Rancho Mirage April 12, 2016 Election Results

Results from another 486 ballots counted by the Registrar of Voters did not change the outcome of last week's election, when voters overwhelmingly rejected the proposed CV Link and re-elected City Council incumbents Ted Weill and Richard Kite.

The Riverside County Registrar of Voters certified the results of the mail-only April 12 election Thursday.

The city had a 57 percent voter turnout, with 5,208 ballots cast out of more than 9,400 issued, the registrar's office reported.

Michael Harrington, the only candidate challenging Kite and Weill, picked up another 157 votes while Kite gained another 279 and Weill collected another 315 when ballots received after 5 p.m. April 12 were counted.

On Thursday, April 19th Weill was sworn in as mayor – a rotated one-year position – during a City Council meeting.


  • 5,208 ballots counted:
    • Michael Harrington: 1,301; 14.95%
    • Richard Kite (I): 3,547; 40.75%
    • Ted Weill (I): 3,856; 44.30%

  • Ballot Measure Results
    • Measure 1: Yes 3,810; No 1,274
    • Measure 2: Yes 1,087 No 4,058
    • Measure 3: Yes 1,126 No 4,021
    • Measure 4: Yes 994 No 4,133

Rancho Mirage CV Link-related measures

Measure 1: Shall the city of Rancho Mirage require that any future amendment or repeal of Ordinance No. 1099, which currently prohibits neighborhood electric vehicles (not including golf carts) on or adjacent to certain designated streets including Highway 111; Bob Hope Drive; Country Club Drive; Da Vall Drive; Dinah Shore Drive; Frank Sinatra Drive; Gerald Ford Drive; Magnesia Falls Drive; Monterey Avenue; Plumley Road, and others, be subject to prior voter approval?

Measure 2: Do you approve of the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (CVAG) spending $100 million or more to construct the CV Link, plus, according to the March 2015 Master Plan, an additional $1.6 million annually to operate and maintain the CV Link pathway, which CVAG proposes to extend through Rancho Mirage business and residential districts?

Measure 3: If CV Link were to be constructed, would you approve the City Council committing Rancho Mirage to pay for CV Link's annual operations and maintenance expenses, which on April 6, 2015, CVAG projected Rancho Mirage's share to be between $110,300 and $251,800 per annum as of the ninth year of operations, and continuing to increase annually at the rate of inflation?

Measure 4: Because in 2002 County voters approved Measure A, which is a half-cent increase in our sales tax to be used to repair dilapidated and crumbling roads and highways in the Coachella Valley, should CVAG be allowed to divert up to $20 million from this Measure A fund, to pay for the construction of the Neighborhood Electric Vehicles portion of the CV Link?


IMAGINE "the first of its kind to incorporate pedestrians, bicyclists, and low speed-electric vehicles in one project. CV Link proposes to connect eight Coachella Valley cities and the lands of two federally recognized Indian tribes with an alternate transportation route to the busiest corridor in the Coachella Valley." (This is the government's (CVAG) advertising pitch minus the "fine print").)

NOW ... can you IMAGINE a 22 foot wide swath of cement, a pathway that for the most part would utilize the Whitewater drainage wash for connections with Palm Springs, Cathedral City and others. But in Rancho Mirage, the project proposed would utilialso utilize busy Highway 111 directly in front of our Library, our Fire Station, our business districts and our residential communities. CV Link would radically change the wonderful Butler-Abrams trail, no more walking your dog in a peaceful and quiet environment.

Then add six separate crossings on Highway 111 with traffic signals in Rancho Mirage alone. Our city wisely spent half a million dollars to create and maintain synchronization of these signals. Every time a cyclist stops at a light and pushes the button it takes THREE signal cycles to get in sync again. Welcome home traffic jams.

Don't forget the $20 million dollars that would be diverted from our Measure A funds (road repair dollars we so desperately need to fill pot holes and maintain what's already here). CV Link would take those funds away from deserving projects and use them to build a bike/electric vehicle pathway.To ask the question is to answer it: Which do we need most?

Then ... $1.6 million in annual costs of operations and maintenance which Rancho Mirage and the other cities would share using the "Transient Tax" and if that doesn't work, part of a sales tax? A new tax? We need the transient tax to go to our dedicated police and fire departments.

CV Link wants Coachella Valley residents to pay $1.6 million annually, EVERY YEAR FOR 75 YEARS. After the 9th year Rancho Mirage's share alone, would increase to more than $100,000 and more likely more than $250,000. (Nope, that's not a typo.) IMAGINE tax increases across the board to make up for the funds diverted to construct and maintain the CVAG/CV Link. Their budget is $100 MILLION dollars and to get even half of that they had to rob our Measure A funds. They want to break ground in 2017 without all the money to pay for it.

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Please Re-elect Dana Hobart, Iris Smotrich and Charles Townsend for City Council

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