What is CV Link ?

"CV Link is a 50-mile, alternative transportation corridor for bicycles, pedestrians, and low-speed (up to 25 mph) electric vehicles along the Whitewater River and Tahquitz Creek that will initially stretch from Palm Springs to Coachella."

"The proposed initial implementation includes 47 channel or roadway crossings and at grade crossings."

"Phase 1 is anticipated to begin construction in 2017 and involves the majority of construction for the core route between Palm Springs and Coachella. It will involve the expenditure of the entire currently available budget [target $100 Million] and any additional funding that may be confirmed in the next two years of planning and design development."

All quotes from The CV Link Master Plan

Is this what you want constructed in front of your home or along HWY 111?

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Did You Know ?

  • CV LINK IS NOT MERELY A BIKE PATH. It is a 20' to 30' foot wide construction project that will take YEARS to construct and will run through residential neighborhoods in Rancho Mirage. It is not a bicycle/walking trail. It is a concrete pathway for bicycles, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) and pedestrians.

  • The regional CVAG is driving ahead with CV LINK overridding local concerns of residents and cities.

  • $20 MILLION IN MEASURE A FUNDS ARE BEING DIVERTED to construct CV LINK. That's $20 million less for street, bridge and intersection repair projects.

  • The route planned in our city will DESTROY several nature paths and trails and BULLDOZE the landscapes of many neighborhoods.

  • No one really knows how much CV LINK will cost to maintain or who will pay for it.

  • CVAG's CV LINK environmental impact studies are commissioned by, paid for and approved by CVAG - WITHOUT INDEPENDENT REVIEW.

  • The Master Plan states "minor offender ... inmates" may be used to maintain the pathway running through our neighborhoods instead of qualified law-abiding personnel.

  • They want it to be open 24 hours a day and LIT UP all night in some areas even though it runs next to homes and communities.

  • Proponents of CV LINK describe Rancho Mirage as anti-bike but WE HAVE 29 MILES OF STRIPED BIKE LANES in our city and 30 MILES of 8 foot wide sidewalks that accommodate golf carts and cyclists.

  • There are no plans for a valley-wide voter referendum on the CV LINK project. A simple majority of the 9 officials in the CVAG, led by Thomas Kirk of La Quinta, have ASSUMED ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY to decide and direct the project affecting nearly a half million residents.

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